Winter Favourites

scottish hills

The Game bird season is now over and we are concentrating our efforts on the farm and out on the hill. The¬†Blackface sheep are down for some winter grazing on the lowland pasture and the¬†Galloway cattle are here at the farm. The cold weather doesn’t seem to worry them too much.

Our mutton and lamb is wonderful at the moment. Its got a good layer of fat that keeps the meat moist and it tastes great.

The Galloway Beef likewise has had a lot of praise recently. Its deep flavour and fine texture is what you’d expect from a slow grown meat. The old breeds like the Galloway are becoming more popular again as people re-discover the quality of the meat they provide.

Special offers

Some weeks there are some great fresh meat boxes available for immediate dispatch.
At the moment we have a range of frozen box offers, most including free item or discount up to 15% off
If you can’t see what your looking for here, we can build you a pic and mix frozen box that suits your requirements, all frozen boxes of 10 items or more receive 10% off.
Call the office on 01387 730 326 to get assistance in building you own frozen box.