The Glorious Twelfth

cooked young grouse on wooden board

The 2020 shooting season starts with grouse shooting on the Glorious 12th August.  We are delighted to say that numbers are looking very good and the birds are in great condition.  We are hopeful of a bumper shooting season.

Our shoot organisers remain positive and believe that restrictions and safety measures introduced due to the coronavirus shouldn’t hinder them too much.  They are hoping for ‘business as usual’ for most shoots and expect supplies to remain steady throughout the season.

You can pre-order boxes of 4,6,8,10 or 12 oven ready young grouse or purchase them as individual birds either oven ready, in feather, long leg (simply plucked) or by packs of 4 oven ready grouse breasts.

We also offer old grouse.  Again these can be purchased individually packed and oven ready, in feather or simply plucked (long leg).

If you are looking for some recipe ideas head over to our Recipes Page.  However we maintain the best and most tasty way is to simply oven roast these delicious game birds (simple roast grouse recipe).

To order now for delivery from Wednesday 19th August head over to our website or call us direct on 01387 730326 (Monday – Friday 9am til 3pm)

Stay Safe!