I meant to write before to say how delicious the beef (and grouse) were. The fillet steaks were seriously good and thank you for the extra joint. It™s all disappearing much faster than I expected, including the chopped beef which is excellent. A big change from supermarket produce. Thank you very much indeed.

Mr Stockdale, Sussex

œI received my order this morning, Pie & Casserole Box. Tt arrived in perfect condition and in could not wait to sample some so I cooked some Galloway beef and some mince.
Its tastes fabulous even the gravy which I make myself gravy is outstanding. Cant wait to order some more you are doing a great job, thanks JSD

Beef mince

The Wood Pigeon was some of the best game anyone had eaten “ cooked in a bag with brandy and thyme. The filet was eaten twice “ once simply roasted and a second time cold with ginger and on a salad “ and was full flavoured (more so than most filet) and very tender.

The roe striploin was full of flavour and really surprisingly tender. Veal rib exemplary.

The osso bucco was the best I have ever cooked “ and I make this dish a lot. And the kidneys were great.

I really cannot praise the meat enough. And will use you again and again and again. I am a major fan. H

High Praise

Thank you for the lamb delivery received last Thursday. Just to let you know how delighted we were with it. It cooked beautifully and with a fabulous flavour.Look forward to ordering from you again soon.

Mrs Lloyd-Jones, Norfolk.

We have just had our first young grouse ordered from you. They were delicious and meltingly tender. Thank you for a first class dish. G Dunlop

Tender Grouse

Just to say thanks for all the great meats you’ve shipped me in the past few weeks.
Pork is tastiest I have ever had, The grouse are superb and the mutton which arrived today looks incredibly good.

Mr G McArdell, Berkshire

Married to a Scot, I HAD to get a Haggis for Burn’s night and some game from
‘up North’. Your parcel arrived with the meat still cold and, first
impressions, it did look absolutely beautiful and packed with such care.
We have had the partridge (excellent!) and the haggis was the best we ever had, south of the border anyway. We will be roasting the phaesant this week-end and I am looking forward to my freezer emptying a bit so that I can place another order. Thank you for providing such excellent products!


Haggis and Partridge

What brilliant timing… our first ever aged Galloway beef box arrived
yesterday… my wife’s Birthday. How could I resist cooking up the 2
fillet steaks included?! And wow… we’ve never tasted anything like
it; absolutely sublime. Both jam packed with an indescribably good
flavour, and melt in your mouth texture. If the rest of the box comes
anywhere near this standard, then you have customers for life!
Paul McNally