Just received my order, excellent service, meat looks and smells lovely and fresh. AH September 2016

Excellent service!

we received our box of veal,mallard and other goodies last week and we cooked some of the veal this weekend.It is absolutely gorgeous:the meat is tender and tastes great!
such quality veal you will not find in the most expensive supermarkets!
thank you…:)
M and V Stoica


Thank you so much for our lovely turkey Ben and team. The bird cooked very easily, was deep breasted with plenty of firm textured white meat for ten hungry people. As a dark meat specialist, the legs, back meat and wings were lovely eating and I got them all to myself.
And as for the Blackface mmutton – what can I say? I cooked it in line with one of the recipes on the web site – 5 hours at 180c with red wine, stock, orange juice and onion & garlic. Just wonderful. My wife, who was very uncertain, having never eaten proper mutton, was blown away by the flavour.
And that gravy! WOW! Thank you all. We’ll sure be back for more.
C J Dec

Lovely Turkey

I have to tell you, that the game you send me, is wonderful.
Last weekend woodcock – mmmmh!! AW

Woodcock mmm

Your game is really lovely quality.
V Stannard


Dear all at Blackface meat company,ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! are the words to describe the turkey we recieved from yourselves. It was full of flavour and tasted as a turkey should, everyone really enjoyed it. We still have some in the freezer for another day. Also the pheasants we got were full of flavour and a good covering of fat which helped the cooking. So pleased we found your web site. MANY THANKS D L.

Absolutely Fantastic

Blackface game is consistently good: the birds are never fatty and are always hung sufficiently to ensure a delicious flavour.

I have never found another commercial seller of game who can compare.

Mr Leonard Bennett of Pimlico

What brilliant timing… our first ever aged Galloway beef box arrived
yesterday… my wife’s Birthday. How could I resist cooking up the 2
fillet steaks included?! And wow… we’ve never tasted anything like
it; absolutely sublime. Both jam packed with an indescribably good
flavour, and melt in your mouth texture. If the rest of the box comes
anywhere near this standard, then you have customers for life!
Paul McNally