I recently ordered a mixed selection box from you of grouse, pigeon, partridge, pigeon breasts and haggis.
It was incredible. Really fresh game that was full of flavour yet wonderfully tender. We roasted the grouse and the partridge and had the pigeon with a salad. We would recommend you to anybody and can’t wait to place our next order.

Thanks again,
F Hammond

Really fresh

Thank you so much for our lovely turkey Ben and team. The bird cooked very easily, was deep breasted with plenty of firm textured white meat for ten hungry people. As a dark meat specialist, the legs, back meat and wings were lovely eating and I got them all to myself.
And as for the Blackface mmutton – what can I say? I cooked it in line with one of the recipes on the web site – 5 hours at 180c with red wine, stock, orange juice and onion & garlic. Just wonderful. My wife, who was very uncertain, having never eaten proper mutton, was blown away by the flavour.
And that gravy! WOW! Thank you all. We’ll sure be back for more.
C J Dec

Lovely Turkey

We get lambs in from all over the place and yours really are the best.

Carl, Head Chef, St John Bread and Wine

Just a note to say how much we all enjoyed your Haggis on Saturday.

Six of us sat down to celebrate Burns night and fortunately there was just enough left over from three haggis to have some as a cold lunch for me the following day; it was just as good cold as hot, plus the whisky didn™t evaporate!

Next to try are the six pheasants which I also ordered.

As a first time buyer of the Blackface Meat Company it was a very good first experience. B SC


The Wood Pigeon was some of the best game anyone had eaten “ cooked in a bag with brandy and thyme. The filet was eaten twice “ once simply roasted and a second time cold with ginger and on a salad “ and was full flavoured (more so than most filet) and very tender.

The roe striploin was full of flavour and really surprisingly tender. Veal rib exemplary.

The osso bucco was the best I have ever cooked “ and I make this dish a lot. And the kidneys were great.

I really cannot praise the meat enough. And will use you again and again and again. I am a major fan. H

High Praise

I have recently bought half a 5 year old mutton sheep and made a curry with
a diced shoulder. I would just like to say how wonderful your meat is. I was
brought up partly on family sheep farms in South Africa and your mutton is
as close to what we would eat out there; wonderful. Once again thanks very

Mr Adrian De Villiers

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful our saddle of venison was on Christmas Day – the meat was succulent and full of flavour and we have a piece left over for another day!
We are also very impressed by your delivery service and look forward to placing further orders with you.
Thank you so much.

A C Dec


Blackface game is consistently good: the birds are never fatty and are always hung sufficiently to ensure a delicious flavour.

I have never found another commercial seller of game who can compare.

Mr Leonard Bennett of Pimlico