Seasonal Scottish Lamb & Mutton

Blackface Mutton

Scottish Milk Fed Lamb

Our Blackface Lambs are now finished for the season. The traditional hill farmed Blackface sheep lamb much later in the year compared to more modern farmed sheep, hence our ‘Spring Lamb’ is only available from August until Easter.  However, our Shepherd Joe is now looking forward to having our Milk Fed Lambs ready for sale in early June.  These very special milk fed lambs are only available for a few weeks and are a taste sensation. These young lambs feed on milk until they are carcass weight of 8-10kg (about half that of a fully grown lamb).  The flavour and texture is second to none and a real delicacy.

We are now taking orders for deliveries on Thursday 8th, 15th & 22nd June.  To reserve your Pyrenean style lamb please call us direct on 01387 730326 or order online.

 5  Year Old Blackface Mutton

Those of you who have never tried our 5 year old mutton are in for a treat.  The unique farming systems used sees self-sufficient ‘hefted’ (territorial) flocks of sheep roaming the heather hills for 5 summers here in southern Scotland.  The sheep live on heather, wild mosses, blueberries and grasses.  As a result their meat is tinted a deep red and you can clearly taste the herby flavours of wild plants.  This meat, which has the greatest depth of flavour is best cooked very slowly, then eaten tender and falling off the bone.

Our Blackface 5 Year Old Mutton is next available for delivery on the 4th, 11th & 18th May.  If you would like to pre-order you may call us direct on 01387 730326 or order online.