Wild Venison Roe Saddle


Approx. 2.2kg – 2.5kg

The ultimate tenderness of the loin and fillet along with all the flavour of a bone in joint, this cut produces the premium venison saddle roasting joint.  Best cooked medium rare, the bone helps to retain the moisture and the result is a melt in the mouth prime roast dinner.

Goes well with Mrs Darlington’s Cumberland Sauce.

If you would prefer a Red Saddle please email or call us on 01387 720097.

Wild Venison Saddle (on the bone)

  • Free Range Wild Scottish Venison
  • Naturally lean meat, high in protein, zinc & iron
  • Fully traceable, regional and seasonal product
  • Prepared by our team of expert butchers
  • Vacuum packed for freshness

Seasonal and well hung meat with unmatched flavour, sourced from the wilds of Scotland – delivered to your door.


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