Rolled Shoulder of Salt Marsh Lamb 2kg


£30.00 £27.00

Carefully trimmed, rolled and hand tied shoulder of unique flavoured Salt Marsh Lamb.

Approx. 2kg joint of Lamb

Available from Thursday 9th July

Our Rolled Shoulder of Salt Marsh Lamb makes a beautiful roasting joint.  These lambs come direct from the Solway Coast line where they are free to roam, producing leaner meat which tastes sweet (not salty) and tender.  The outstanding and unique flavour of the meat is purely down to the wild grasses and plants of their coastal diet.

  • Free range grazing on the Solway Coast Line
  • Naturally reared on samphire & herbal grasses
  • Fully traceable, regional and seasonal product
  • Prepared by our team of expert butchers
  • Vacuum packed for freshness
  • Free home delivery over £75*

Seasonal and well hung meat with unmatched flavour, sourced locally and delivered to your door!


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