Blackface Mutton Meat Bundle


This wonderful Blackface Mutton Meat bundle includes:

1 x 3kg Blackface Mutton Leg (whole on the bone)

4 x 150g Blackface Mutton Chops

1 x Mutton Shoulder (boned and hand tied) 1kg+

1 x Mutton Shank

500g x Diced Mutton

Our selected Blackface Mutton roam the heather hills on a nearby local estate and live on the heather, wild mosses, blueberries and grasses for up to five years.

  • Free range naturally bred
  • High welfare traditional farming
  • Fully traceable, regional and seasonal product
  • Prepared by our team of expert butchers
  • Vacuum packed for freshness
  • Seasonal and well hung meat with unmatched flavour, sourced from the wilds – delivered to your door.