Wild Venison

Venison is becoming more and more popular. It is healthy, low cholesterol and lean meat with superb flavour and texture. Steaks and fillets are cooked in minutes and casserole dishes are rich and go a long way. The meat doesn’t shrink on cooking and looks impressive if you’re serving... guests. We supply four species of venison – Red deer, Fallow Deer, Sika and Roe Deer. All the deer we handle are wild, which have been culled. The carcasses are hung in temperature controlled conditions for approximately 10 days before being processed.

The Roe deer is abundant in Dumfries and Galloway. It is a browsing deer, eating a wide variety of tree shoots, and herbage. This is reflected in the delicate flavour of the meat. The roe is in season all year round in Scotland, so we should have this available every week.

We source our red deer in the main from West Highland stalking estates. The Reds roam free and subsist on highland vegetation, giving the meat its renowned gamey flavour. Red stags are in season from July 1st to October 20th. They are in their best condition in early September. The Hinds (females) are in season from October 21st to February 15th. They have smaller frames than the Stags, so saddle weights tend to be 4-6kg rather than 6-8kg of the stags.

The Fallow deer is a parkland deer, which we source from well managed estates and farms between Dumfries and Moffat, here in South West Scotland. It comes half way between the roe and red in size, and is a grazing deer. The open season is August 1st to April 30th for males (bucks) and October 21st until February 15th for females (does).

Sika – we sometimes have Sika deer available – please enquire for further details

We offer many different cuts of Wild Venison expertly prepared which can be purchased as individual products or you may prefer to select one of our great value Wild Venison Boxes

Our Wild Venison Boxes contain a selection of pre-selected cuts and some contain multiple pack bulk buys ideal for stocking up your freezer and offer great value for money. All boxes include free home delivery.

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