Free Range Pork

Our outdoor reared pork is sourced from a local small holding farm which rear the rare traditional breed of pigs called the Oxford Sandy & Black pig or sometimes called the Plum Pudding Pig or Oxford Forest Pig. This breed of pig has been around for over 200 years... and originated from the Oxfordshire region. The breed was on the brink of extinction during the 1980’s, but the numbers are slowly increasing. Therefore if you purchase one of our boxes you are helping to keep this breed of the extinction list.

The breed is a hardy outdoor reared pig, this allows them to naturally forage amongst the grass and mud. This allows the pork to develop a darker colour with a nice coverage of fat. A lot of chefs state that the fat completely melts in the mouth and this gives the meat that delicious wholesome flavour that pork use to taste like in years gone by.

Our pigs are sourced locally and taken to our local abattoir, the animals only have to travel approx. 11 miles, therefore reducing the levels of stress to the animals. Happy pig means better pork on your plate. This is also reducing the amount of food miles onto the end product.

Our pork supplier has many years of experience in pig stockmanship, his vast knowledge on pig husbandry means that we can deliver an excellent mouth watering product straight to your door. The pork has a natural layer of fat on it, giving it great flavour and wonderful crackling. We send the pork out butchered into vacuum packed joints of chops, loin and shoulder with the bellies and cheek made into delicious sausages.

Or if you would rather choose from one of our Outdoor Reared Pork Boxes which contain a selection of pre-selected cuts and some contain multiple pack bulk buys ideal for stocking up your freezer and offer great value for money. All boxes include free home delivery.

See the pork recipes pages for some cooking ideas which allows the meat to do the talking.

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