Haggis & Bacon

Our Blackface Haggis is made in the heart of Burns country here in Dumfries & Galloway, made to our secret recipe using only the finest ingredients.  Our haggis is perfect served the traditional way with neeps and tatties but is also a delicious addition to a hearty breakfast and an... ideal stuffing for pheasants and chicken.

Robert Burns can’t have been wrong when he wrote – “ Fair fa your honest sonsie face, great chieftan o’ the puddin’ race ”

Our butchers squeeze the Haggis into natural casings* ranging in size from 250g to the largest ceremonial casing at 3kg, perfect for big dinners like Burns night. Allow 150g per person for a main course. *please note our 250g haggis is in synthetic casing not natural casing.

You may wish to buy as individual items or if you prefer we offer pre-selected Blackface Haggis Boxes which offer great value for money.

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