Pork Braised in Apple Juice


  • Boned and rolled Iron Age Pork shoulder joint

  • Cloves

  • Sage

  • Greek or runny honey

  • Apple juice or cider


  1. Take a boned and rolled shoulder joint and and press cloves into the folds of the meat.

  2. Stuff sage under the string and rub Greek or runny honey into the meat.

  3. Stand overnight in a shallow pool of honey, turning occasionally.

  4. Next day put in a covered oven-proof pot and add warmed apple juice or cider to about half way up the meat.

  5. Cook very slowly in a modrate oven till done.

There is no need to season as the flavours of the Iron Age Pork are complemented by the spices and the juice. Bon Appetit!

Photograph – marinading in honey.

Courtesy of Ron and Ann Farmer.