Pheasant Porjaski by The Duchess Of Beaufort


2 oz (50g) shallots

1/2 oz (10g) butter

1 glass brandy (or not)

Game stock reduced to 1/2 pint (275ml)

Fresh pheasant fillet 1 lb (450g) minced

Fresh veal or chicken fillet 1 lb (450g) minced

Salt and pepper

8 egg yolks

Fresh parsley


1. Chop shallot and saut in butter untill light brown – flambe with brandy – reduce until nearly dry then add game stock. Reduce by 2/3 and put aside to cool.

2. Mince the meat and add all ingredients  plus shallot and juice. Mix well then make little burgers like a flat meatball. (Use a bit of flour so the mix doesn’t stick to your hands.) Put in fridge.

3. Oven at 180C 350F Gas Mark 6. Fry burgers in butter until golden brown on each side then bake in oven for 10 minutes to cook through. Serve immediately.

Black Truffle Cream Sauce

1 large truffle

Game stock reduced to 1/2 pint (275ml)

3/4 pint (425ml) double cream

Salt and pepper

1. Chop very finely half truffle and add stock and cream – reduce by 1/3 and add seasoning.

2. Chop remaining truffle and add to sauce. Instead of truffles you could use mushrooms or tinned truffles.

3. If using mushrooms, make sure, having cooked them in a little butter, that you get rid of all the liquid.