Lamb & Mutton


Our traditionally reared Blackface Lambs from the heather clad hills here in Dumfries and Galloway are now available for delivery from 23rd August.  The hill farmed Blackies lamb much later in the year so it is only now that our ‘Spring Lamb’ is available.  They enjoy a free-roaming existence in hefted flocks and are left to mature slowly.  The heather on the hills is now in flower which gives our lambs that delicious special sweet flavour both ourselves and our customers love. Nothing quite like it! We offer a choice of three different Blackface Lamb boxes: Compact Blackface Lamb Box, Half Blackface Lamb Box and Whole Blackface Lamb Box or you may prefer to select individual lamb cuts to create your own bespoke box.


We are also delighted to be in full swing with our ever popular 5 year old Blackface Mutton. This will be available from Thursday 16th August. This meat, which has the greatest depth of flavour is best cooked very slowly, then eaten tender and falling off the bone, perfect for the cooler weather ahead. We offer a choice of two different Blackface Mutton boxes: Half Blackface Mutton Box and Blackface Mutton Compact Box or you may prefer to select individual mutton cuts to create your own bespoke box.


Due to the resounding success of our Saltmarsh Lamb in June, we have decided to try the Saltmarsh Mutton. These are heavier than our Blackface Lambs, therefore the joints will all be larger. As this is a new product for us, we would very much welcome any comments.