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The Blackface Meat Company believes passionately in the link between a healthy landscape and the highest quality meat…

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Blackface Meat Company

THE BLACKFACE MEAT COMPANY. The Blackface Meat Company believes passionately in the link between a healthy landscape and the highest quality meat. The two are so closely bound that the flavour of our products is of the land itself: the heather and the berries; the wild grasses and fresh waters of the burns found in the most beautiful, unspoilt regions of Britain. Blackface sheep and Galloway cattle are reared on a heather clad hill farm in the South West of Scotland. We supply a wide range of high quality, oven-ready game from selected Scottish estates and we also source finest quality Scottish Pork and Christmas turkeys from nearby suppliers. This is the lamb, mutton, game and beef enjoyed by our ancestors, now available all over the UK via our efficient home delivery service. We specialise in slow-growing, traditional breeds that enjoy a life outdoors, free-range on Scotland’s hills. We are one of the few British online farm shops to supply tender, flavoursome, three year old ‘aged’ Galloway beef and Scottish Blackface mutton, reared for up to five years. FEED We believe that meat from animals fed on a natural diet will be as tender as it is richly aromatic and savoury. Slow growth on a diet of grasses and wild plants also reduces shrinkage in the pan during cooking, offering better value for money. HEALTH We know that the health of our animals benefits from a life enjoyed outdoors in clean air, with access to a wide diversity of plants and natural spring water. Stress is also kept to an absolute minimum, with no-over crowding and a short journey to our local abattoir. We also believe that healthy animals produce meat that is good for you – a recent study reported higher levels of nutritious Omega 3 fatty acids in slow grown, naturally fed mutton. SOURCE We insist on traceability. We breed and rear our own beef, mutton and lamb; our game is sourced from selected Scottish estates, all well known to us, so we know the provenance of every grouse, pheasant and deer. Aside from our own farm produce we source our pork and bronze turkeys from trusted local suppliers. THE CUT Our meat is properly matured in the traditional way; hung at a controlled temperature to develop tenderness and flavour. We can butcher to your exact requirements, at no extra charge. Game is sent out plucked and dressed, ready for the oven. Full cooking instructions and recipes are available on our website or contact us for printed recipes. THE SERVICE Use our secure online ordering service, or telephone us on 01387 730326. We pack and send out our meat fresh, ready for your oven or freezer. We despatch our goods vacuum packed in insulated boxes with ice-gel packs to keep the meat cool. YOU We perceive you, our customers, as a community of likeminded people who enthusiastically share an enjoyment of the very best, seasonal food. We welcome your feedback, including recipes to post on our website. We are delighted to be a preferred supplier to many top chefs who care passionately about the quality of the meat they buy. They are very particular, so we know this means our meat is delicious.
Blackface Meat Company
Blackface Meat CompanyWednesday, November 13th, 2019 at 7:43pm

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A selection of our favourite cuts from pure bred Galloway cattle.

2kg Brisket Joint – great marbling, perfect for slow cooking and easily feeds 4

2kg Silverside Roasting Joint – great choice for family Sunday Roast Dinner

2 x 285g Sirloin Steaks – melt in the mouth tasty beef

2 x 500g Galloway Beef Mince – burgers, meatballs, lasagne all taste fabulous with this mince

2 x 500g Galloway Diced Beef – for casseroles and boeuf bourguignon

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Blackface Meat Company
Blackface Meat CompanyWednesday, November 13th, 2019 at 7:41pm
🦌 Wild Roe Box 🦌

The Roe Deer is the smallest and tastiest of Scotland’s deer. The total carcass (including bones etc) weighs approx 12kg.

Our Roe Box contains half a roe deer.

1 x Wild Roe Venison Haunch (carvery cut)

1 x Wild Roe Venison Striploin (approx. 200-300g)

2 x 500g Diced Wild Roe Venison

1 x Wild Roe Venison Fillet (hand trimmed)

*** FREE home delivery with this box ***

£75 delivered

⭐️Genuine wild oven ready game
⭐️Fully traceable, regional and seasonal product
⭐️Prepared by our team of expert butchers
⭐️Vacuum packed for freshness
⭐️FREE home delivery with this box

🍂 Seasonal and well hung meat with unmatched flavour, sourced from the wilds of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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