Wild Game

We offer a full selection of wild game.  Game covers a wide and diverse range of animals and birds, naturalised or born in the wild, all sourced from selected estates in Scotland and Northern England. We produce high quality, oven-ready game, using another local family firm, who process the... meat to match our own exacting standards.

Grouse is our speciality. It is harvested from the heather hills in summer and early autumn, where it lives wild on well managed estates. Taste it and witness one of Britain’s most extraordinary foods; deliciously lean meat with a rich and herby taste, so good with vintage claret. Later in the autumn we have abundant pheasant and partridge, nutritious and flavoursome alternative to bland poultry. These and other game birds are sold plucked, dressed and ready to cook. If you are new to cooking game, we are happy to advise you and give cooking instructions.

All game birds are despatched in cool boxes, plucked and dressed and vacuum packed. All game is wild and therefore supply can be unpredictable — the dates of availability are within the season limits of each species, because this is when we are most likely to have the birds fresh, at their best. Contact us if you would like partridge, pheasant, mallard, wigeon, woodpigeon, hare, wild rabbit, snipe, pintail or any other species.

Main Game season for birds is: September to January, outside of the season we do have limited frozen quantities please ask.

Please note – all game may contain shot.

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