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Our Pick and Mix section allows you to create your own food parcel made up of all your favourite meats. 

Simply add at least 10 items or total items to the value of 75 or more to your basket and receive FREE DELIVERY.

Orders placed before noon on a Monday will be delivered throughout the UK the next Thursday.  

If you require a different delivery day please contact us on 01387 730326 and we will happily do our best to meet your requirements.


Some of our stuffed products and other items such as our sausages, haggis and black pudding may have preservatives, flavor enhancers and other allergens within their ingredients.

Download our allergen list here

If you would like to order fewer than 10 items please contact us for a quote.

Description Unit price (free delivery) Quantity
Ayrshire Veal 3 Rib Roast, 1.99kg FROZEN £34.95 each
Ayrshire Veal Bones, approx.1kg FROZEN (max.2 packs/order) £1.50 each
Ayrshire Veal Braising Joint, approx. 1kg £11.99 each
Ayrshire Veal Brisket, approx. 1kg £11.99 each
Ayrshire Veal Burgers, Mediterranean Style x 4 £5.40 each
Ayrshire Veal Cutlets x 4 (1kg) FROZEN £17.50 each
Ayrshire Veal Diced, approx 500g, (some weeks FROZEN) £5.40 each
Ayrshire Veal Escalopes 500g Pack FROZEN £14.00 each
Ayrshire Veal Fillet Steaks 2 x 90g FROZEN £17.50 per pack
Ayrshire Veal Mince, approx 500g, (some weeks FROZEN) £4.95 each
Ayrshire Veal Ox Tail - Frozen Aprox 400-500g £4.95 each
Ayrshire Veal Rump Steaks, Pck of 2 175g each FROZEN £8.50 per pack
Ayrshire Veal Sausages, Mediterranean Style, 500g £5.50 each
Ayrshire Veal Shoulder B&R, approx. 1kg £10.80 each
Ayrshire Veal Shoulder B&R, approx. 2kg FROZEN £21.60 each
Black Pudding, 4 Slices, approx 150g to 200g £3.90 each
Blackface Haggis 3kg £34.00 each
Blackface Haggis Slices, 4 x 85g £3.95 each
Blackface Haggis small size 250g (some weeks FROZEN) £3.80 each
Blackface Haggis Stick 1.6kg/approx 20 slices £15.00 each
Blackface Haggis, approx 1kg £11.30 each
Blackface Haggis, approx 500g £5.65 each
Blackface Haggis, Gluten Free 500g FROZEN £8.20 each
Blackface Lamb Boned & Rolled Shoulder whole FROZEN £18.60 each
Blackface Lamb Chops Pack of 4 FROZEN £8.25 each
Blackface Lamb Flank, 650g+ FROZEN £3.50 each
Blackface Lamb Shanks Pack of 2 (some weeks FROZEN) £9.50 each
Blackface Mutton B & R Shoulder 1kg £12.50 each
Blackface Mutton B&R Shoulder Whole, approx. 2kg £23.00 each
Blackface Mutton Bone in Whole Shoulder £20.60 each
Blackface Mutton Bones, approx. 1kg, some weeks frozen (Max.2packs/order) £1.50 each
Blackface Mutton Chops x 4 £8.25 each
Blackface Mutton Diced, approx 500g £6.75 each
Blackface Mutton Flank, 750g+ FROZEN £3.50 each
Blackface Mutton Half Leg, approx 1.5kg £23.00 each
Blackface Mutton Half Rack, chined for carving £12.50 each
Blackface Mutton Rack, chined for carving £24.50 each
Blackface Mutton Shanks 200g x 2 (some weeks FROZEN) £9.50 per pack
Blackface Mutton Whole Leg, approx 3kg £44.00 each
Cumberland Sausage 1kg £8.99 each
Galloway Beef Sirloin Steak on the Bone approx 454g/16oz £14.90 each
Galloway Beef 1 Bone Rib Joint approx 1 - 1.3 kg (16.50 -21.45) £16.50 per kilo
Galloway Beef 2 Bone Rib Joint approx. 3-4.5kg (price between 45-74) £16.50 per kilo
Galloway Beef bones for stock, approx. 1kg (max.2 packs/order) £1.50 each
Galloway Beef Braising Joint, 1kg approx. £9.95 each
Galloway Beef Braising Joint, 2kg approx. £19.90 each
Galloway Beef Braising Steaks, Pk of 2 (200g per steak) £4.90 each
Galloway Beef Brisket approx 1kg £11.90 each
Galloway Beef Burgers 100g x 4 £5.40 each
Galloway Beef Diced, approx 500g £6.72 per pack
Galloway Beef Fillet Steak, pack of 2 approx. 175g each £19.40 per pack
Galloway Beef Lean cubes for skewers, approx 400g £5.99 each
Galloway Beef Lumberjack (Rib eye steak) 450g £11.30 each
Galloway Beef Mince, approx 500g £5.67 per pack
Galloway Beef Olives (stuffed with sage & onion sausage meat) 4 x 150g £7.99 per pack
Galloway Beef Oxtail approx.1kg (frozen) £6.95 each
Galloway Beef Roasting Joint, 2kg approx, boneless £26.10 each
Galloway Beef Roasting Joint,1kg approx, £13.12 each
Galloway Beef Rump Steaks, pack of 2 approx 227g each £11.50 per pack
Galloway Beef Sirloin Boned and Rolled 800g £25.00 each
Galloway Beef Sirloin on the Bone 2kg £26.00 per kilo
Galloway Beef Sirloin Steaks 2 x 285g £19.40 per pack
Galloway Beef Stir Fry Strips, 500g £6.95 each
Goat Sausages with Garlic & Herb, 500g FROZEN £5.50 each
Grouse Breasts, pack of 4 Breasts FROZEN £14.00 each
Grouse, Old oven ready FROZEN £4.50 each
Grouse, Young oven ready FROZEN £8.95 each
Mallard Breasts, skin on x 2 FROZEN £6.55 each
Mallard Duck, oven ready FROZEN £6.55 each
Partridge stuffed with sausage, wrapped in bacon, FROZEN £6.95 each
Pheasant Boned and Stuffed with Sausage FROZEN £9.95 each
Pheasant Breast, skinless, 4 in a pack FROZEN £9.50 each
Pheasant Breasts stuffed with sausage, 2 per pack FROZEN £9.95 each
Pheasant stuffed with Blackface Haggis, FROZEN £9.95 each
Pheasant, oven ready FROZEN £5.00 each
Pork Belly with bones, approx 1kg £10.40 each
Pork Belly, 500g £5.20 each
Pork Belly, approx 1kg £10.40 each
Pork Boned and Rolled Shoulder approx 1kg £11.00 each
Pork Boned and Rolled Shoulder approx 2kg £22.00 each
Pork Chipolata 500g £5.50 each
Pork Chipolata 500g £5.50 each
Pork Chops Pack of 4 thick cut x 250g each £11.00 each
Pork Diced, approx 500g £5.50 each
Pork Hock 600+g £5.20 each
Pork Leg Joint 2 kg bone in with crackling £19.20 each
Pork Leg Joint 3 kg bone in with crackling £25.00 each
Pork Leg Steaks 2 x 285g (10 oz) £6.30 each
Pork Loin, Bone in 2kg, 12/kg £12.00 per kilo
Pork Ribs whole rack for BBQ £11.00 each
Pork Trotters (pack of 2) £1.95 each
Pork, Wild Boar & Apple Sausages, approx 500g Some weeks FROZEN £8.25 each
Rabbit Fillets, Pack of 5 £10.75 each
Rabbit Lean Casserole Meat, approx 500g £7.75 each
Rabbit Saddle, pack of 2 £8.90 per pack
Rabbit, Jointed (some weeks FROZEN) £7.25 each
Rabbit, oven ready (some weeks FROZEN) £6.25 each
Redleg Partridge Breasts, pack of 4 FROZEN £9.50 each
Redleg Partridge, oven ready FROZEN £5.25 each
Sauages Wild Goat with Garlic & Herb, 500g FROZEN £5.50 each
Sausages Mediterranean Style Veal, 500g £5.50 each
Sausages Real Beef, approx. 500g £5.50 each
Sausages Real Pork approx 500g pack £5.50 each
Sausages Spicy Wild Venison Cumberland, 500g FROZEN £6.55 each
Sausages Wild Venison Sausages, 500g FROZEN £6.55 each
Seasonal Game Mix, approx 500g diced £6.25 each
Streaky Bacon, approx 500g pack £4.40 each
Venison Diced, approx 500g £5.70 per pack
Venison Fillet Tails pack of 4, approx 200g per pack £11.50 each
Venison Fillets (tenderloin), approx 500g pack £19.75 per pack
Venison Haunch Steaks (2 x 180g approx) £9.95 per pack
Venison Mince, approx 500g FROZEN £4.95 each
Venison Osso Buco approx 1kg, MAY BE FROZEN £13.25 each
Venison Roe Saddle - between 1,5-2,5kg £29.50 per kg
Venison Sausages x 500g FROZEN £6.55 per pack
Venison Spicy Cumberland, 1kg FROZEN £13.00 each
Venison Spicy Cumberland, 500g FROZEN £6.55 each
Venison Stirfry Strips, approx 500g £9.50 each
Venison Striploin Larder Trimmed (approx 500g) £29.50 each
Venison Topside approx 1kg, Roasting Joint, serves 6 to 8 £24.00 each
Venison Topside, approx 500g, Roasting Joint £12.00 each
Wood Pigeon Breasts x 4 £7.00 per pack
Wood Pigeon Whole, oven ready(some weeks FROZEN) £3.90 each

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