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Have a Happy Easter with Blackface

Easter is just around the corner and we have our lovely Easter Lamb and Mutton boxes, just for you, packed with Lamb or Mutton, Beef, Venison and sausages.
Mutton Baked in Hay
Easter Lamb Box
This box will feed a family gathering for the weekend, with large meaty joints and delicious game. Buy a Box
  • Whole leg of lamb - roast, will feed at least 8
  • Whole rack of Blackface Lamb, chined for easy carving. Feeds 4-6
  • 1 kg of diced Wild Venison
  • 1 kg of Galloway Beef mince. Feeds up to 8
  • 500g Venison Sausages (about 10 sausages in a pack).

£88 delivered to your house or other convenient address.
Delivery is in time for Easter, 4th April before noon. If you're going to be out just add special instructions on the order page. we can leave the box somewhere safe for you.

Easter Mutton Box - as above but with Mutton instead of Lamb! Mutton is a specialty of ours. We are part of the Mutton Renaissance and proud of our part in bringing back this wonderful meat. Buy a Box

  • Whole leg of Blackface Mutton, will feed at least 12
  • Whole rack of Blackface Mutton, chined for easy carving. Feeds 4-6
  • 1 kg of diced Wild Venison
  • 1 kg of Galloway Beef mince. Feeds up to 8
  • 500g Venison Sausages (about 10 sausages in a pack).

We have fresh wild venison all year round. A little venison goes a long way as it is rich, even though itís very low in fat. We have some more recipes on the website.
A boneless haunch joint makes a great Sunday Roast. We have these in our Venison Larder Boxes or call us to order one.

Iron Age Pork - Great British Food
Real Old-Fashioned pork, slow grown and with lovely fat around it for flavour and best of all - crackling!

Our Pork is available as a big box of 1/2 a Pig, butchered into nice big joints (or as you wish),a 1/4 pig, Compact Pork Box or as a small Pork Favourites Box at only £38. All Pork selections

All the boxes contain our rare breed Free-Range Pork with the thick layer of fat that gives it the best flavour.
What Else is in Season in Scotland:
Galloway Beef
Blackface Mutton
Last of the Heather-fed Lamb for now
Roe Deer
Spring Greens
Purple Kale
Spring onions

"I had your mutton, pot roasted for 3 hours served with caper sauce (recipe form Great British revival book) it was fantastic. a stunning recipe and with the most superb mutton it was a winner. Now going to do it for my next dinner party." HY Nov 2011

This Edition:

Don't forget to look at our videos, including how to cook a leg of Mutton

Have a look at this fabulous - How to cook a leg of Mutton.

Silvy Weatherall shows you the simplest - and most delicious way to roast a leg of Blackface Mutton. Filmed right here in the family kitchen.

Monthly Meat Boxes

To have a regular box to your door every month full of a mix of our seasonal fresh meats please email me, Kathryn

There are more vidoes on YouTube of Silvy cooking our meat and game. They include carving tips by Ben and serving suggestions.


Teal and Mallard

Pheasant Grouse and Partridge


Galloway Beef

Our Beef is always very popular at Easter - so order now for boxes and if you want whole fillets and large rib joints please phone 01387 730326. Once it's sold it's sold. Our beef is already hanging for Easter.

Ayrshire Veal

Our farms include a dairy, with pure bred Ayrshires giving creamy milk. The veal calves are raised alongside in an open barn, producing rose veal of the highest quality.
Order for Easter.

Gardeners Revenge!

What a great time of the year it is for getting the garden straight, planting and sowing vegetables and loving your green spaces outside. And don't you just boil when you see the woodpigeons enjoying your fresh lawn seed and the rabbits nibbling the emerging lettuce seedlings?

We have what seems a very large population of these animals and birds in South West Scotland. Their healthy diet we reluctantly feed them on means that they are healthy for us too. Rabbit is leaner than chicken and Woodpigeon has the highest vitamin C content of all natural meats. They are easy to cook. Rabbit is a white meat and should be slow cooked and woodpigeon lightly cooked. Its meat is dark red, very tasty and extremely lean.

The Coney and Doo Box - a great mix of all the best bits at only £49 delivered to your door

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