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The Season For Partridge!

Seasonal treats coming over the next couple of weeks are:

Partridges– Now available
Pheasants -  The start of the season for these versatile birds is soon.
Young Grouse – from only £7.50 per bird.
New Season Lamb – straight off the hill!
Mutton – more new reviews!

 To buy any of our fine Meat and Game please call 01387 730326 or visit our website. 
The Partridges are available in numbers now.  They may be small but they are very tasty.  Usually eaten as a whole bird roasted they can also be breasted and used for many recipes.  We like them roasted, cooled and eaten on an open sandwich with roasted peppers, or later in the season braised with cabbage or fried with chorizo (all recipes on our website).  A box of Partridges is only £48 for 10.  Alternatively you can choose a few partridges to add to your order or a pack of 4 ready trimmed breasts for only £9.50 from the Pick and Mix.
Pheasant - the most versatile Gamebird
Pheasants are about to come into season.  A roasted Pheasant will feed 2- 4 people and can be cooked in as many ways as chicken. We have been shortlisted by ‘Scotland of Food and Drink’ for our Pheasant Stuffed with Haggis.  This is a boned out bird, stuffed and wrapped in bacon and ready to pop into the oven.  It will slice right through and makes a wonderful Sunday lunch for 3-4 people.  If you don’t fancy Haggis we have a sausage version. Each available on the Pick and Mix for under £10.
For full larder filler – try the Pheasant 4 Ways Box – 4 oven-ready Pheasants, 4 Breasts, 4 breasts stuffed with apple and sausage and 2 stuffed Pheasants.  This is delivered to your door for £69, working out at under £2.50 per generous portion.
There are more boxes on the website. For all our Pheasant Boxes try this page - it's new.

Young Grouse
This seasons fresh young birds, make a great special dinner main course.   We have the birds available for delivery any day between Tuesday and Friday each week for the next month. Please let us know when you’d like them.  Because it looks like being another great year for Grouse we can offer them delivered at the very low price of:
      12 for                    £99
      10 for                    £84
      8 for                      £75
      6 for                      £65
      4 for                      £55

Orders above 12 will only be charged at £7.50 per bird.  Delivery is Free on all these boxes.

Cooking Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge  - the Video!!  Click the picture to see the video.

New Blackface Lamb
Our Lamb has always been popular with chefs in London and we offer the same traditionally reared Lamb to you, straight off the hill at Troloss, high up in the Dalveen Pass.  The sheep enjoy a free-roaming existence in hefted flocks. Because hill-farmed sheep lamb much later in the year it is only now that our ‘spring’ lamb is available.  The heather, now in flower, gives it the flavour that our London chef customers love.  
We have joints on sale in the
Pick and Mix and as a Full, Half or Compact Lamb Box. More details.
roast Shoulder of Blackface Lamb

We have the 5 year old mutton on our website all year round and we are very proud of all its awards. Heather-fed Mutton  Two recent reviews have raved about the diced mutton and its perfect use for tagines.
I have links to these so that you can see the recipes that were used and the kind comments on these two blogs:

 Blackface Mutton Tagine



" />“May I take this opportunity to to let you know how pleased we are with the service from The Blackface Meat Company, and how delicious and fresh your meats are. We recommend you to all our friends” A Free April 2011



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Grouse Reviews:

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Dates for Your Diary

Food Shows
Good Food Shows coming up in Glasgow 21st to 23rd October and the NEC 23rd to 27th November.

Key seasonal first home delivery dates:
Grouse                                     Now
Blackface Lamb and Hogget    Now
Wild Duck                                 Now
Partridge                                  Now
Pheasant                                13thOct
Woodcock                               13thOct (low availability until near Christmas)


Our recipe and recipe video section will give you lots of delicious ideas.

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Honey and Black Pepper Partridge with Roasted Squash

Serves 4.


  • 4 oven–ready partridges.
  • Olive oil.
  • 250ml/9fl oz dry cider.
  • 2 tbsp clear honey.
  • 200ml/7fl oz chicken stock.
  • 1 butternut squash or similar, peeled and cut into 1in/2.5cm chunks.
  • A few thyme sprigs, leaves stripped.


  1. Heat oven to 220C/gas mark 7.
  2. Cut the backbones out of the partridges using a strong pair of kitchen scissors or poultry shears.
  3. Turn the bird over, then use your bodyweight and press down on the middle of the breast with the heel of your hand, until the partridge flattens out.
  4. Heat a little oil in a large non-stick pan.
  5. Season the birds with salt and pepper, then brown them quickly, 2 at a time, in the pan.
  6. Lift out and set aside.
  7. Mix the cider with the honey, reserve one-third of the mix, then tip the rest into the pan to deglaze.
  8. Stir in the stock, then reduce the liquid down for 5 mins or until you have a syrupy sauce.
  9. Season to taste.
  10. Pop the squash into a mixing bowl, toss with most of the thyme, seasoning, a little of the reserved cider mix and 1 tbsp olive oil.
  11. Tip onto a non-stick baking tray, then roast for 30 mins.
  12. Now toss the partridges in what’s left of the cider mix.
  13. Grind lots of black pepper over and scatter with a good sprinkling of salt.
  14. Nestle the partridges amongst the squash, breast-side up.
  15. Sprinkle with a little more thyme.
  16. Roast for 15 mins, then remove the birds and let them rest.
  17. Turn off the oven and keep the squash warm.
  18. Cut the birds into quarters and serve on top of pile of squash.
  19. Drizzle around a little of the sauce and scatter with a little thyme to serve.


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