The Glorious Twelfth & New Season Blackface Lambs


It is almost that wonderful time of year once again – the Glorious 12th is fast approaching!  Having spoken to some of our estate managers the forecast is looking good and they suggest we are looking at a bumper year, fantastic news!


Our Fresh Young Grouse will be available for delivery from Wednesday 23rd August onwards, with deliveries on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays throughout the season.

Fresh Young Grouse boxes:
Box of 4 Young Grouse £61.50
Box of 6 Young Grouse £71.50
Box of 8 Young Grouse £79.50
Box of 10 Young Grouse £89.50
Box of 12 Young Grouse £97.50
All boxes include home delivery

Please note a special price is available on orders of 20+ birds.  Please call Gemma on 01387 730326 for further details

Would you like to order the very first of our Young Grouse?

Small numbers of fresh Young Grouse will be available at an increased price for delivery prior to the 23rd of August.  These will be very limited in number and if you would like to order any for these earlier dates please call Gemma on 01387 730326 or email


Our traditionally reared Blackface Lambs from the heather clad hills here in Dumfries and Galloway are now available for delivery from 24th August.  The hill farmed Blackies lamb much later in the year so it is only now that our ‘Spring Lamb’ is available.  They enjoy a free-roaming existence in hefted flocks and are left to mature slowly.  The heather on the hills is now in flower which gives our lambs that delicious special sweet flavour both ourselves and our customers love.  Nothing quite like it!

New Season Blackface Lamb boxes:

Compact Blackface Lamb Box

Half Blackface Lamb Box

Whole Blackface Lamb Box